Angie S.

The staff at Sports Rehab are like extended family to us. They know our daughter and push her to be better every day. She has days when she struggles and the staff are understanding and help her do the best she can do.

We needed therapy for our daughter who has Rett Syndrome which is a neurological developmental disorder that effects mostly all girls. We used to drive 45 minutes each way to go to therapy every week. Now we can have several shorter sessions each week.

We work with Sports Rehab to maintain Ellie’s skills and to make gains. Due to her disability she has ups and downs in her skills. We are very grateful for the staff here who work with Ellie and lover her too!

If you are looking for therapist who know their stuff and are committed to helping you get better, Sports Rehab is the place for you. We have been so happy with the services we’ve received at Sports Rehab.