Betty M.

The care I received, each time was so thorough. Katie listens each time during my appointments, and there to relieve the pain and tightness in my back. Having rheumatoid arthritis gives a lot of pain and deterioration– giving Katie extra challenges!

I have needed therapy on different occasions; 1) back surgery – Feb. 2016 for deterioration from rheumatoid arthritis, 2) Aug. 2016- rode on a “tube” behind a boat, hit waves hard and 3) Feb. 2018 – fell on ice!!

The first and second time went as good as expected and I feel I was almost back to myself. However, the fall on the ice really gives Katie a challenge as the SI joint is deteriorated from my arthritis and falling on the ice was damaging and painful.

Sports Rehab’s main goal maybe “therapy” and helping patients recuperate – but in my opinion, Katie and the rest of the staff are genuinely caring! I can go in on a bad day and come out with a smile! Katie gives “Complete Therapy” and the “Best Therapy!”