Darrell P.

Great skills team that uses latest and best techniques of physical therapy and supported by non-traditional training to help me as a patient.

I needed therapy because I have chronic neck nerve disorder called torticollis and there is no cure for it. It requires monthly Sports Rehab appointments to maintain range of motion and muscle control for my head and neck. I utilize MyoKinesthetic Therapy (MYK) and dry needling, which are fairly new services for patients.

Without these Sports Rehab services my neck muscles would become tight and rigid causing loss of head and neck turning motion and increased head and neck pain. I prefer to not end up with my head locked on my chest or shoulder for the rest of my years.

Katie and Courtney adjust treatments by the appointment as my symptoms change. Katie used physical therapy skills after my shoulder replacement surgery. Now I play a lot of golf with no problems. Sports Rehab is a great lifeline partner in my health care.