Joshua N.

We felt our son was getting the best care available right here in our hometown. Our PT Katie has received special training in infant therapy for his specific needs, and we were pleased about his recovery and improvements as the treatments progressed.

At two weeks old, our son was diagnosed with torticollis on the right side of his neck. His range of motion in turning his head and lifting his arm was limited, but because we caught it early and started treatment right away, his issues improved dramatically, even after the first few treatments. As he grew and received therapy, his lump reduced in size and he had little gap in normal infant development.

Because of PT Katie has received specialized training to care for his needs, our son was able to receive treatment right here at home. This allowed my wife and I to continue with our normal work schedules and taking care of the needs of our other two children, without the hassle of traveling long distance to receive care.
The staff at Sports Rehab made sure our son was entertained and well cared for, even if he didn’t always like the manipulation and motion exercises. We are very pleased with the outcome!