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I have had a great experience here at Sports Rehab.  The staff are all upbeat and knowledgeable in their work.  They always seemed to have the latest in new procedures and the best garments for my situation.  Scheduling has always been easy and flexible to meet my schedule.

R. S.

If you suffer from pain, do yourself a favor and see one of the therapist at Sports Rehab in Storm Lake!  After years of neck pain, I have been helped tremendously. How wonderful to feel great again!

K. Rix

Could not ask for better care with Dan.

I needed therapy as a result of two back surgeries, then went to have my sacroiliac worked on. It helped with neck pain and headaches.

Little by little Dan worked on my back to get it back to 98% pain free.

I trusted Dan to help make it better and Dan was honest with me on what he could help with or not help with.

Richard S.

I thought all four PTs and Receptionist were very friendly. They worked hard to find appointment times that fit my schedule. I have worked with 3 of the PTs.

I needed therapy on my neck, right shoulder, left knee and back.

I thought I made good progress in all areas.

The PTs all seem to remember the exercises I was to complete. A positive experience overall.

Don T.

We felt our son was getting the best care available right here in our hometown. Our PT Katie has received special training in infant therapy for his specific needs, and we were pleased about his recovery and improvements as the treatments progressed.

At two weeks old, our son was diagnosed with torticollis on the right side of his neck. His range of motion in turning his head and lifting his arm was limited, but because we caught it early and started treatment right away, his issues improved dramatically, even after the first few treatments. As he grew and received therapy, his lump reduced in size and he had a little gap in normal infant development.

Because of PT Katie has received specialized training to care for his needs, our son was able to receive treatment right here at home. This allowed my wife and I to continue with our normal work schedules and taking care of the needs of our other two children, without the hassle of traveling a long distance to receive care.
The staff at Sports Rehab made sure our son was entertained and well cared for, even if he didn’t always like the manipulation and motion exercises. We are very pleased with the outcome!

Joshua N.

I feel my care with Sports Rehab is the best.

I needed therapy because I have back and balance issues.

As a result of treatment, I have much improvement and many good ideas to continue what improvement was made so I can keep it.

Cabe is the vest therapist, Jaimie too. Both worked so hard to find exercises to get me back in shape and so encouraging. Everyone at Sports Rehab is very friendly, helpful and forgiving when one misses or is late for an appointment.

Bernie K.

I think Sports Rehab is very helpful, friendly and patient.

I needed therapy because of two broken hips.

I have had continued improvements as a result of my treatments.

Courtney is very helpful trying different things to get me walking. Jamie is also helpful when she fills in for Courtney.

Stanley K.

Great skills team that uses the latest and best techniques of physical therapy and supported by non-traditional training to help me as a patient.

I needed therapy because I have a chronic neck nerve disorder called torticollis and there is no cure for it. It requires monthly Sports Rehab appointments to maintain range of motion and muscle control for my head and neck. I utilize MyoKinesthetic Therapy (MYK) and dry needling, which are fairly new services for patients.

Without these Sports Rehab services my neck muscles would become tight and rigid causing loss of head and neck turning motion and increased head and neck pain. I prefer to not end up with my head locked on my chest or shoulder for the rest of my years.

Katie and Courtney adjust treatments by the appointment as my symptoms change. Katie used physical therapy skills after my shoulder replacement surgery. Now I play a lot of golf with no problems. Sports Rehab is a great lifeline partner in my health care.

Darrell P.

I feel I have had exceptional care at Sports Rehab. Coming to Sports Rehab after a total ankle replacement and again after a total knee replacement. I have nothing but great things to say about my care. Kit M. was my primary PT and did an outstanding job with me. I also worked with PTA Jamie – and had a great experience
with her as well.

The result of my treatment at Sports Rehab was better mobility, pain relief and return to an active lifestyle.

The staff at Sports Rehab are welcoming and extremely helpful. They greet everyone with a smile and warm greeting. Love their customer service!

Patti T.

I just want to start by saying Sports Rehab gave me back my life. I lived with headaches for about 40 years and didn’t even know it.

After all them years, my wife made me go to a specialist. He deadened me from my shoulders to the top of my head by injecting shots into my neck. Within 15 minutes I felt something that I’ve never felt; I was PAIN-FREE. After that, I had 4 more visits with him and he told me to go have Physical Therapy. We called Sports
Rehab and set up appointments. The minute I walked through the door I knew I was at the right place. The people that work there are very polite and friendly. My therapist is Katie and she is an awesome gal. I just want to thank her over and over again for giving me back my life. I did not realize how bad I was until I was ready to quit my job, I could hardly function at the end and I knew I had to do something. I remember Katie saying, “I think I can fix you up, but it’s going to take a while.” Which it did, but I do not regret one visit that I had at Sports Rehab. They went out of their way to make me better. She gave me exercises to do at home and I have done them every night since I was released which was about 3 years ago. I am pain-free and take no medication thanks to Sports Rehab and especially Katie and I am grateful every day. I feel like a new person thanks to her.

Brad K.

We have attended speech and OT at Sports Rehab for several years. We feel grateful that we have local experts to help our daughter.

We needed therapy because of childhood apraxia of speech and other learning concerns. Also various sensory processing needs.

Our daughter continues to make steady gains in speech with both production and grammar.

All Sports Rehab staff have gone above and beyond to care for our family. They are in important part of our “village” to help our daughter.

Becca B.

Great! Recovered well.
I needed therapy because I had a head and leg injury.
Got better and was able to continue working.
Would recommend Sports Rehab to anyone.

Dolores T.

The staff at Sports Rehab are like an extended family to us. They know our daughter and push her to be better every day. She has days when she struggles and the staff is understanding and help her do the best she can do.

We needed therapy for our daughter who has Rett Syndrome which is a neurological developmental disorder that affects mostly all girls. We used to drive 45 minutes each way to go to therapy every week. Now we can have several shorter sessions each week.

We work with Sports Rehab to maintain Ellie’s skills and to make gains. Due to her disability, she has ups and downs in her skills. We are very grateful for the staff here who work with Ellie and love her too!

If you are looking for therapists who know their stuff and are committed to helping you get better, Sports Rehab is the place for you. We have been so happy with the services we’ve received at Sports Rehab.

Angie S.

JT is excellent!

I needed therapy because I needed rehab on my shoulders after surgery.

The rehab treatment got my shoulder strength coming back and I could go back to work

Dennis I.

My daily routine for years was to ice both knees in the evening, ibuprofen, and select which brace to wear the next day. The brace selection was based on what level of support I thought I needed, and what I was wearing.

I had total right knee replacement and post-operative rehabilitation. When my orthopedic surgeon released me she said, “Between your DPT (Anna E.) and your x-rays, you really look good.” I still am amazed at how their skill and expertise gave me back a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Dennis H.

The care was helpful and supportive with the right amount of “push” to best rehab my condition.

I needed therapy because I had a total knee replacement and also went in for their “LSVT” Parkinson’s program.

My knee works and feels great. The LSVT program has kept me moving and also has let me decrease the amount of medication I take for Parkinson’s.

The concern and friendliness of staff is comforting. If I had a specific issue that was an “out of the box” problem they would work to help resolve that issue. Often when I went back the next time they will have done more research at home and have more options for me to try. Their first priority is to make you well – it is just a
bonus that they make it fun.

Donna T.

I love the team at Sports Rehab! I started with Anna after my second shoulder surgery and she has been great! She is caring and compassionate. She is gentle but pushes you just hard enough.

Therapy was necessary for post op after my second should surgery and continued visits for pain management.

I had a great recovery post op and I attribute that to Anna. She held me accountable for my part in my recovery and helped me get great results.

Anna gives me realistic expectations, as I’ve had two surgeries and a lot of damage. She is always smiling and pleasant to be around. She acknowledges my pain and does whatever she can to help me.

Shannon C.

My care at Sports Rehab was professional. They have techniques and equipment that make recovery painless and fast. I needed therapy because I have had a rib out, tennis elbow, years ago I had a knee scoped so prep for surgery and recover after. Everything I have ever been there for has been successful and no recurring issues.

Bev W.

I have no complaints! When I got tired, they let me rest. They were (are) great! I won’t forget your Receptionist – Always friendly and smiling!

I needed therapy because I fell and broke my femur bone in the left leg.

I’m improving every week. I do my home exercises. I saw Dr. Haerar on the 22nd and he says its healing good.

The reason I chose Sunset Knoll to recuperate is because my daughter told me Sports Rehab works there. The food was OK, the help was Great!

Phyllis L.

I am very grateful for the service, he has made a lot of progress since he started going. Staff is very kind and work well with him.

We needed therapy because he was in need of behavior management since he is an autistic kid. He was also struggling in school with listening and following directions.

The results of treatment have been very positive since his behavior in school has gotten immensely better. The staff is always very professional and are very kind toward my son and I.

They have had a lot of patience with him and are supportive when he has made an achievement.


Excellent, always! (not just physical, but mental, holistic and emotional).

I needed therapy because I have had low back issues for many years. There is always improvement (relief), sometimes long term and other times shorter.

I went in with hip bursitis that was causing interrupted sleep from the pain. They presented me with a dry needling option used in conjunction with manual therapy – excellent results!

Janet A.

The care I received, each time was so thorough. Katie listens each time during my appointments, and there to relieve the pain and tightness in my back. Having rheumatoid arthritis gives a lot of pain and deterioration– giving Katie extra challenges!

I have needed therapy on different occasions; 1) back surgery – Feb. 2016 for deterioration from rheumatoid arthritis, 2) Aug. 2016- rode on a “tube” behind a boat, hit waves hard and 3) Feb. 2018 – fell on ice!!

The first and second time went as good as expected and I feel I was almost back to myself. However, the fall on the ice really gives Katie a challenge as the SI joint has deteriorated from my arthritis and falling on the ice was damaging and painful.

Sports Rehab’s main goal may be “therapy” and helping patients recuperate – but in my opinion, Katie and the rest of the staff are genuinely caring! I can go in on a bad day and come out with a smile! Katie gives “Complete Therapy” and the “Best Therapy!”

Betty M.

I feel that it is very good care and it keeps me going.

I go to Sports Rehab because my daughter was going here and she suggested I try it because I have my back, neck, and hips go out and cause pain.

They keep me in place, pain free, and am able to keep going and doing my job.

I would recommend Sports Rehab.

Pamela I.

I get Excellent care! PT (Kit) always pays attention (listens carefully) to what areas in my back are hurting. Never rushes me. Uses various treatments to see what works best to ease my pain each visit. Has given me exercises to do to strengthen my neck and back muscles.

I needed therapy because I had a car accident and due to aging (arthritis, scar tissue, etc.)

I have always gotten results each visit. I have numerous areas (neck, spine, and hips) that need treatment. Kit and other PTs are always gentle and know what to do for those numerous areas.

Everyone is friendly and knows my name!!! Donna and Doug are friendly and nice for my ultrasounds. And keeps the pool clean. Jane and Sandy are patient with me for scheduling.

I do watch the other PTs working with patients while I work out. Very impressive!! They are friendly and have patience for them.

Jamie worked with my Mom at Methodist Manor when she had her knee replacement. Everyone was friendly and caring there too! Methodist Manor is lucky to have your staff work there.

You are all very professional and I am so grateful for all the help you have given me and my Mom. Thank God we have you in Storm Lake!!!

Jane R.

Jill is very good at what she does. I would recommend her. She takes pride in her work and cares about her patients.

I needed therapy because I fell and injured my wrist. It’s going to be a slow process, but it is getting better.

This is not the first time we have been here. My husband had care and had Katie and Jamie and they are both very good also. Thank you all for your care.

Cheri N.

I got great care. I have had several injuries/surgeries and have always gone to Sports Rehab. I would never change.

I needed therapy because I had two knee replacements and one shoulder (rotator cuff/bicep) repair surgery.

With help and encouragement from my PT – Anna, I am able to pretty much go back to my normal everyday life.

No one ever wants or enjoys PT because obviously, it hurts, but Anna works with you and helps you to progress and get better. You know she cares about you and truly wants to help you. That is so important. If you didn’t feel that, some patients may not come back or continue doing their therapy. Thanks, Anna for all you did for me!

Sue J.

The care Bristol has received at Sports Rehab has exceeded all of our expectations. Bristol, now 7, was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) when she was just three years old.

Children with Apraxia of Speech have great difficulty planning and producing the precise, highly refined and specific series of movements of the tongue, lips, jaw and palate that are necessary for intelligible speech.

Bristol knows what she wants to say and can understand what is being said by others, she just has to figure out how to get her words out from her brain to her mouth. Like when we are traveling on an unknown highway. A bridge is out on that highway and you have to figure out your way around said bridge.

It takes some work to figure that process out.

There is no cure or medication for Apraxia, just intense, repetitive speech therapy with a certified Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in Apraxia.

That’s where Ms. Kim (Kim McCoy) comes into play. Because of her, my daughter went from speaking zero words (literally ZERO words) to so many, we lost count. Some are still difficult for her to say, but with the experience Kim has with Apraxia, and the consistency she gives, I am now confident Bristol will dome day graduate from Speech Therapy and every single word out of her mouth will be understood.

Jenny B.

I felt that I was actually listened to. Courtney went beyond the traditional therapies and suggested different

I needed therapy because I had hip, knee and foot pain.

My pain was relieved somewhat, but I felt some relief, it was better than when I first came in.

It meant so much to me on the effort Courtney put toward my recovery. Like I said she listened to my concerns

Deb D.

The care I receive at Sports Rehab goes beyond my expectations. The staff is always kind and professional and I have always benefited from the treatment I have received here.

I needed therapy because I have suffered from back pain and headaches resulting form a car accident in high school.

Since receiving therapy, the frequency of my headaches has greatly diminished and for that I am so grateful. I have tried other treatments over many years but have never had the success and the pain free days I have now!

I would highly recommend Sports Rehab to my family and friends.

Paula R.

Since receiving therapy at Sports Rehab & Professional Therapy, the frequency of my headaches has greatly diminished. For that, I am so grateful. I have tried other treatments over many years, but have never had the success and the pain-free days I have now! I would highly reccommend them to my family and friends!

Loving My Pain-Free Days!